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Keto Diet Success Tip – Displace Instead of Replace

One of the biggest reasons people struggle so much with losing weight is because they take the all or nothing approach.

They literally throw everything out that they consider to be unhealthy.

Some people of course think this type of approach is a good thing.

They view it as a high level of commitment to the task at hand.

True enough, throwing all the bad food out can be seen as commitment.

But it can also be setting you up for failure.

The Big Problem With an All or Nothing Mindset

Anytime you abruptly make changes to your diet, your body will start to push back.

You may not notice this push back immediately, but eventually it will take over.

Once this happens you will revert back to your old eating habits.

The same habits that got you where you are now, out of shape, and overweight.

We are all creatures of habit.

We are accustomed to doing certain things, a certain way, all the time.

Your current weight is nothing more than a reflection of the habits you developed.

So the key to taking your weight loss results to the next level is to change your habits.

Doing so, however, is no easy feat.

This is why you will never be successful by taking the all or nothing approach.

You have to focus on changing your habits first, then everything else will fall into place.

When you don’t change your habits, that’s how you end up on the dieting roller coaster.

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The Standard American Diet Sucks…Here’s a Better Alternative

I am sure I have ruffled a few feathers with the title of this article, but unfortunately the statement is true.

Yes, the Standard American Diet sucks!

Its so bad in fact that many refer to it as SAD….

What Makes The Standard American Diet So Bad?

At first glance the Standard American Diet doesn’t seem all that bad.

After all, who wouldn’t love eating large amounts of carbs with very little vegetables?

The sad part is most people think they are eating healthy.

It is the government after all who has come up with these dieting guidelines.

But here’s the problem….

Close to 40% of adults in the United States are obese or overweight.

With statistics like that, its safe to say the dieting guidelines created by the government clearly aren’t working.

Not only is the Standard American Diet making you fat, but its also making you sick.

Carbohydrates and The Big Problem With Insulin

Generally speaking insulin is a good thing.

It is the hormone responsible for unlocking your body’s cells so that sugar can get into your bloodstream.

Once the sugar is absorbed by your cells it will be converted into energy.

So insulin isn’t all bad. But it does have its dark side.

When you consume a high carb diet, insulin may eventually become a problem.

When you have insulin in your system your body will use blood sugar for fuel.

This means your body will not be burning fat.

This is due to the fact that insulin locks up your fat cells and prevents your body from using the fat as energy.

Do you have a spare tire around your stomach?

Get your insulin under control and it will start to disappear like magic.

The Standard American Diet usually consists of a high amount of carbs which causes spikes in insulin levels.

This spike leads to feelings of hunger, as well as inflammation.

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How To Lose Weight – 3 Methods That Always Work

What if I told you the process of losing weight is very straightforward?

Would you believe me?  Or would you think I’ve lost my mind?

If you’re like most people, you’ve been struggling to lose weight for a very long time.

So long in fact that the idea of losing weight being straightforward is almost laughable.

After all, you have tried every diet known to man and still no lasting results.

Does this sound like you?

If so you are not alone.

The lack of results is why so many people are so frustrated with the current diet industry.

With so many weight loss products on the market, why is it that millions of people are still struggling to lose weight?

One word..MONEY!

You see, the dieting industry doesn’t really care about you.

All they care about is getting as much money as they can out of you.

So they come up with these overly complicated diets that never work in the long term.

Weight Loss Is a Simple Formula

When it boils down to it, losing weight can be summed up by a very simple mathematical formula.

Calories in VS calories out.

When you are trying to shed those unwanted pounds, you have to burn more calories than you consume.

Every diet out there is centered around this principle.

How To Lose Weight – 3 Methods That Always Work

Now that you know the simple formula for losing weight, how do you ensure you are always burning more calories than you are consuming?

This can be done in 3 ways….

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Intermittent Fasting Keto Lifestyle

Keto and Intermittent Fasting – A Match Made In Heaven

It seems as though intermittent fasting is becoming extremely popular. Especially in the United States.

This is because more and more people are trying to get away from the idea of “dieting”.

As you very well know, the concept of dieting has a very negative connotation.

Its associated with deprivation and starvation.

No one likes the idea of being deprived of something they really enjoy.

This is the main reason so many people fail with their diets.

Now please understand, just about every diet works on some level.

When you adjust your caloric intake, you will lose weight.

However, the problem is not in a diets ability to help you lose weight.

Its in its ability to help you maintain that weight loss.

Most diets aren’t sustainable. This is why you lose weight, gain weight, lose weight, and gain it all back again.

Its a vicious cycle that is a result of following diets that aren’t sustainable.

The Keto Diet Is Different

Do you love eating?

Do fatty foods make you feel wonderful?

Chances are you answered yes to both of those questions.

The great thing about the keto diet is you aren’t put in a position where you have to cut out all of your favorite foods.

You will get to indulge in healthy, fatty foods on a daily basis.

These foods will feel you up, and keep you satisfied for longer periods of time.

This is one of the many reasons people all over the world have embraced the keto diet.

It allows you to enjoy your guilty pleasures without the guilt.

As long as you stick with the keto diet guidelines you will be just fine.

Its really funny when you think about it.

All our lives we have been told to stay away from fatty foods.

Walk down any grocery store aisle and you will see fat free everything.

Truth is, fat is good for you.

And when you eat it in the right amounts you can lose a ton of weight in a short period of time.

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3 Dangerous Misconceptions About The Keto Diet

When it comes to diets, no matter what type of diet it is, there will always be misconceptions.

It is these misconceptions that often lead to diet failure.

One thing you have to understand is, all diets work.

If your goal is to lose a few pounds as quickly as possible, just about any diet will do.

But here’s the deal. Losing weight is not the issue. Your ability to maintain that weight loss is.

It all boils down to sustainability.

And yes, the keto diet is a sustainable diet.

The problem is most people believe the many misconceptions surrounding the keto diet.

As a result they never give it a try.

If you are looking for a sustainable and powerful way to lose weight, look no further than the keto diet.

Here are the top three misconceptions about the keto diet.

Misconception #1 – The Keto Diet Is Hard

This is probably the biggest misconception associated with the keto diet.

What most people don’t realize however, is that they are already following this type of eating plan on some level.

Do you ever have a day where you eat a lot of fat with some carbohydrates thrown in?

If so you are following the keto diet without even realizing it.

Most people think they have to completely change everything about the way they eat in order to follow this plan.

That however is not true.

Look at your current meals and see what adjustments you can make.

You may be pleasantly surprised to find you are closer than you think.

Misconception #2 – You Can’t Transition Into Keto

This is probably worse than thinking keto is hard.

The idea that you can’t make the transition into keto is absolutely absurd.

As a matter of fact, it is actually recommended you transition instead of taking the cold turkey approach.

The cold turkey approach is rarely, if ever, a winning strategy.

You will have greater success by taking a more gradual approach.

Keep in mind the keto diet is not a short term diet.

It is a lifestyle change. Its a new way of looking at food and how it affects your body.

The idea is to change your relationship with food.

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Why Do So Many People Fail With Diets?

Before we dive in, let’s first get one thing out the way.

Most diet programs currently on the market do indeed work. If you follow them they will help you lose weight.

If they didn’t work on some level people wouldn’t buy them.

So the question isn’t whether or not diet programs work.

The question is, why do so many people end up failing on these diets?

The answer to that question can be summed up in one word, sustainability. Or the lack thereof.

Unfortunately, when most people go on a diet, they are doing so with the intent of getting short term results.

They aren’t looking for a diet that’s sustainable. They are instead looking for a quick fix.

If a diet isn’t sustainable, it will fail.

Sooner or later you will revert back to your old eating habits.

Once this happens you will gain back all the weight you lost. In some cases you will gain back even more.

This is the vicious cycle of weight loss and it is a serious problem.

When your main focus is on losing as much weight as possible, as quickly as possible, and not on sustainability, you will almost always fail.

What’s the point in losing 20 pounds in 2 weeks if you gain it right back?

Sustainability Is The Key To Diet Success

Just in case we haven’t said it enough, sustainability is the key to diet success.

You want to follow a diet that teaches you how to eat healthy for the rest of your life.

Not a diet that restricts the foods you eat.

If you’re having trouble keeping the weight off, maybe you need to stop dieting altogether.

We know this sounds crazy, but sometimes the concept of “dieting” can hold you back.

For most people, going on a diet means they have to restrict the foods they eat, or even worse, cut out entire food groups.

Is eating this way sustainable? Not for most people.

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3 Mindset Shifts That Will Ensure Keto Diet Success

I have no idea how many different diets you have tried. Probably too many to count.

But one thing I do know, is if you don’t change your mindset, no matter what type of diet you try, you will never be successful.

If you’re like most people, you have probably had your own experience with the vicious cycle of weight loss.

It goes a little something like this….

You start a new diet and you’re all excited about it. You follow the directions exactly as they are laid out.

Because you are carefully following the guidelines, you start to see results.

This pattern continues for the next few days.

But sooner or later, you start to notice the pounds coming back.

This is the vicious cycle of weight loss and it affects all too many people.

The good news is you can reverse this frustrating pattern by adjusting your mindset.

3 Mindset Shifts That Will Ensure Keto Diet Success

Believe That You Can Do It

The first step in accomplishing anything is actually believing you can do it. Success with the keto diet is no different.

Its easy to get hyped up when you see all the unbelievable before and after pictures.

One thing you have to remember, many of those photos have been edited.

However, that doesn’t mean the diet isn’t effective.

While its perfectly normal to be skeptical, you don’t want to be so skeptical that you stop believing the diet will work for you.

There is proof that the keto diet has helped thousands of people transform their body’s.

Chances are it can do the same for you.

But first you must believe that it will work for you.

If you can’t adjust your mindset to believe the keto diet will work for you, then chances are you won’t get good results.

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How To Hire The Right Personal Trainer – 5 Steps To Follow

Are you trying to burn calories and get in great shape?

Are you confused about how to start?

If so a personal trainer may be just what you need.

Personal trainers are trained to help people transform their body’s the right way.

They have the knowledge to help you create a plan that will get you the results you want.

There are indeed a lot of great reasons to hire a personal trainer.

However, you must be very cautious.

One thing you will quickly realize is not all personal trainers are created equal.

You have good ones, and you have bad ones.

Some personal trainers don’t care about anything other than making a quick buck.

They will therefore take a very hands off approach to your transformation.

Some trainers will even create programs that result in injury.

That’s why it is so important you find a trainer that has the proper training to help you reach your goals.

How To Hire The Right Personal Trainer

Check Certifications

Technically speaking, one does not need any certifications to identify as a personal trainer.

However, there are certifications for personal trainers who want to show proof that they have the proper knowledge to help you reach your fitness goals.

The first step in hiring the right personal trainer is finding out what type of certifications they have.

Knowing they have been properly certified provides an extra layer of trust.

Find Out If They Specialize In a Certain Area

Each personal trainer is different and some will specialize in different areas of health and fitness.

Some specializations include bodybuilding, nutrition, corrective exercises, and performance training.

Always ask if the trainer has any special training.

This is especially important if you have any health conditions that make it difficult for you to do certain exercises.

Share your health conditions with the trainer to ensure they know how to work with your condition.

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How To Lose Weight – 9 Articles You Should Read

Trying to lose weight can be very overwhelming.

Trying to find solid information that will actually help you reach your health and fitness goals can be downright frustrating and confusing.

That is why we have decided to put together this blog post.

We have went through every single post on this website and found the ones that will help you get your weight loss journey off to a great start.

Read over these posts, take notes, and most importantly, take action!

If you do, you will get results.

9 Articles That Will Show You How To Lose Weight

9 Eating Habits That Can Help You Lose Weight

You don’t have to do anything dramatic or borderline crazy to lose weight. All you really need to do is change your habits.

In this article you will discover 9 eating habits that will help you lose weight.

Change your habits and you will change your life.

9 Diet Hacks Anyone Can Use To Lose Weight

Just like there are habits you should implement, there are also diet hacks you can use to make the weight loss process a little easier.

These diet hacks are simple and very easy to follow.

11 Small Habits That Will Help You Lose Weight

One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to lose weight is they take the cold turkey approach.

And as you probably know by now, that approach almost never works.

For best results you should take a more gradual approach.

Instead of throwing out all the soda, start by drinking less on a daily basis.

It may not seem like much, but these small changes will have a huge impact on your waistline.

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A Quick Beginners Guide To The Ketogenic Diet

The Beginners Guide To The Ketogenic Diet

For most of our lives we’ve been told the key to living a healthy life is to consume a diet that consists of high carbohydrates, moderate protein, and low fat.

If you were to eat a high fat diet it would lead to you gaining a lot of weight.

Or at least that’s what we were lead to believe.

Because of this many people have started cutting all fats from their diets.

As you very well know, this type of dramatic approach never works.

Luckily you don’t have to take that approach.

What Is The Ketogenic Diet?

The ketogenic diet is basically the complete opposite of the average traditional diet.

Instead of trying to avoid fat altogether, this diet encourages you to consume high amounts of high quality, healthy fats.

While you won’t be eliminating fats, you will be limiting the amount of carbs you eat.

Instead of consuming high amounts of carbs you will replace them with high quality protein sources.

On this diet you will get 15% of your calories from carbs, 25% of your calories from protein, and 60% of your calories from fat.

Can You Lose Weight With The Ketogenic Diet?

In one word, YES! You can indeed lose weight on the ketogenic diet.

Here’s how it works.

When you are on a low carb diet your body goes into a state of fat oxidation.

This state is known as ketosis.

When your body has a higher supply of fat, and you are eating fewer meals throughout the day, that is when you will enter into ketosis.

Your body will go into a fasting phase.

Once in this fasting phase your body will start to use stored fat as fuel.

Once this happens you will start to effectively burn calories and fat that has potentially been stored up for years.