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9 Things That Will Help You Stay Motivated To Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

Monica Munday / 0 View / 2 years ago
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If you have ever tried to lose weight you know how difficult it can be. For most people the biggest problem is staying motivating.

While you may start off good, after a few days the motivation starts to fade away and it becomes more and more difficult to stick with the plan.

At Diet Breakthroughs we want to help you reach your health and fitness goals. So we have put together a list of 9 things you can do to stay focused and motivated to reach your weight loss goals.

Prepare Meals In Advance

Over the course of your weight loss journey meal prep will prove to be extremely important. Having meals ready makes it easy to eat healthy.

Take one or two days a week to prepare your meals for a few days. This way you can just grab them and go.

To make the process easier looking up quick and easy meals you can prepare in 20 minutes of less.

The easier it is to prepare the meals the more likely you are to actually do it.

Lay Out Your Clothes The Night Before

If you are waking up early in the morning to workout, one way to streamline that process is by laying out your workout clothes the night before.

Have everything ready so you can literally jump out of bed and into your workout clothes. Doing this will help you get out the door 10 to 15 minutes sooner.

Get A Workout Buddy

Sometimes no matter what you do, you just can’t stay motivated to workout. A workout buddy can help you get over that hump when you just don’t feel like it.

A good workout buddy will not only motivate you, but they will also hold you accountable. That means if you say you are going to workout, they will expect you to workout.

Having someone there to not only hold you accountable, but to give you advice, support you and encourage you, makes it that much easier to stay on track to reach your health and fitness goals.

Track Your Progress

One of the biggest mistakes people make while on their weight loss journey is failing to track their progress.

When you don’t track your progress you have no idea how far you have come. You also don’t know where you should make adjustments which could lead to you getting discouraged and giving up.

Use an app like MyFitnessPal to track your calories and a fitness tracker to track your movement.

Have a Workout Playlist

When you workout having the right music is key to staying energized and motivated. Fill your workout playlist with all your favorite hits.

Make sure you have enough tunes to last your entire workout. With apps such as Spotify and Pandora having access to hot tunes is easy and affordable.

Hire a Personal Trainer

If you are new to the gym having a personal trainer may be in your best interest. They can help you get started and show you around the gym.

Having a personal trainer with you as you start your journey is a great way to build your confidence and stay motivated.

Remember Why You Started

This just may be our favorite tip of all. Sometimes the only thing that can keep you going is your “why”. That’s why it’s so important you get clear about why you are going on this weight loss journey.

Is it so you can play with your children or grandchildren? Is it so you can feel comfortable in your own skin again?

Whatever it is, keep it close to your heart. That way when the going gets tough, you will have a personal reason to keep you going.

Do Something You Love

When it comes to working out all programs are not created equal. The last thing you want to do is start a program that isn’t in line with what you enjoy doing.

If you don’t like lifting heavy weights, don’t invest in a program that is centered around lifting heavy weights.

One of the biggest keys to staying motivated is to simply do something you enjoy. If you love dancing, do Zumba.

If you love playing basketball, start going to the courts 3-4 times a week. Doing what you love will make working out fun instead of a chore.

Reward Yourself

As you reach certain milestones you should have rewards set up for yourself. For example, once you lose 20 pounds you will go buy a new outfit.

Or once you lose 40 pounds you will go on a cruise. Rewards like this can not only get you motivated, but they can help you stay motivated.

Try to avoid using food as a reward. While its okay to enjoy your favorite junk food from time to time, using food as a reward can have a negative impact on your overall progress.

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