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7 Superfoods You Should Add To Your Diet Today!

Monica Munday / 0 View / 2 years ago
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Technically speaking there is no such thing as a superfood. The term was coined as a marketing ploy to get you and I to eat more of certain foods.

Even still, marketing ploy and all, there are certain foods that are considered super due to the many health benefits they provide.

Here are a few you should add to your diet:


For various reasons there tends to always be a ton of controversy surrounding eggs. But truth be told, they are one of the healthiest foods in the world.

Whole eggs contain a variety of different nutrients including Vitamin A, B Vitamins, phosphorus and choline just to name a few.

Whole eggs are also a really great source of protein.

What you may not know about eggs is the fact they are great for eye health. They contain lutein and zeaxanthin which are two antioxidants known for their ability to protect vision.

While most people have been led to believe that eating eggs can cause high cholesterol, research shows that consuming up to 12 eggs per week will not significantly increase one’s chances of getting diabetes or heart disease.

As a matter of fact, eggs have been known to increase the good cholesterol in some individuals. This of course means your chances of getting heart disease will be reduced.

Sweet Potato

This root vegetable is full of nutrients such as vitamin A, fiber and potassium.

The great thing about the sweet potato is its naturally sweet taste. You don’t have to add a lot of extras to make it a delicious dish.

And contrary to popular belief, the sweet potato does not raise your blood sugar as much as you may have thought.

Some actually believe it improves blood sugar which is great for those who are currently dealing with type 2 diabetes.


Salmon is one of the most nutritious types of fish you can consume.

Not only does it contain nutrients such as potassium, selenium and B vitamins, but it is also a really great source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 fatty acids have a ton of health benefits including being able to fight depression, improve eye health, promote brain health during pregnancy, prevent plaque buildup, reduce blood pressure and reduce inflammation just to name a few.

Salmon has also been known to help individuals maintain a healthy weight.

The one thing you have to watch out for when consuming salmon is the possibility of heavy metal contamination.

To avoid this type of issue simply limit your consumption to no more than three servings per week.

Olive Oil

If you’ve ever been on the Mediterranean diet you know olive oil is one of the main staples.

This all natural oil comes straight from the fruit of olive trees. Some of the health benefits associated with this oil include improving heart health, reducing the risk of heart disease, improving bone health and preventing certain forms of cancer.

Olive oil also contains vitamins E and K which can help prevent cellular damage.

Dark Leafy Greens

No superfood list would be complete without dark leafy greens.

Dark leafy greens such as kale, spinach, collard greens and Swiss chard provide your body with an assortment of nutrients.

Those nutrients, which includes fiber, zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, folate and vitamin C, work together to help prevent chronic illnesses such as heart disease.

Dark leafy greens also contain high levels of carotenoids which are anti-inflammatory compounds.

Most dark leafy greens have a very earthy taste. In order for them to be enjoyable you must get a little creative with your seasoning.


Berries such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are considered nutritional powerhouses due to the amount of fiber, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins they contain.

They are known for their ability to reduce the risk of inflammatory conditions such as heart disease and cancer.

Berries can also help with digestive issues and immune disorders.

The great thing about berries is their versatility. You can have them for breakfast, in a smoothie, or on their own as a dessert.


You probably didn’t expect to see garlic on this list but it is indeed a superfood.

Garlic is a plant food that is closely related to the onion. It is an excellent source of fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin C, selenium and manganese.

Garlic has a very distinct flavor which is why it is such a popular ingredient.

Some research shows that garlic supports immune function and reduces blood pressure. It also has sulfur containing compounds that have been known for their ability to prevent certain cancers.

And there you have it, 7 superfoods you should add to your diet today. Keep in mind you don’t need to eat all of them. Find two or three that you really like and focus your attention on those.

Eating these foods on a regular basis will not only lead to improved health, but it can also lead to a thinner waistline.

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