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5 Insanely Simple Ways To Burn More Fat Every Single Day!

Monica Munday / 0 View / 2 years ago
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When it comes to losing weight the concept is pretty simple. As long as you consume fewer calories than you burn then you will ultimately lose weight.

The problem with this model is it doesn’t really give you the full story.

You see, based on this model most people would assume they should just eat fewer calories. In reality however, the bigger deficit you can create, which would come from eating more calories and thus burning more calories, the more fat you will lose.

Instead of trying to eat very little food, focus on eating more food and finding ways throughout the day to create the biggest possible deficit.

Here are 5 insanely simple ways you can burn more fat every day!

Start Getting More Fiber In Your Diet

If you are serious about reaching your health and fitness goals you need to make sure you are consuming plenty of fiber on a daily basis.

The great thing about fiber is it literally traps some of the calories you are consuming. So instead of those calories being absorbed by your body, they basically just pass through.

Fiber also helps you feel fuller for longer periods of time.

The best way to get your fiber intake up is by eating more fibrous vegetables. Try to eat spinach or broccoli with most of your meals.

Emphasize Steady State Cardio

Yes it’s true, high intensity interval training will burn more calories in a shorter period of time. The problem is if you are already hitting the gym hard on a daily basis, trying to do high intensity cardio can take a serious toll on your body.

When you do any type of intense training the stress hormone cortisol gets released into your bloodstream.

When it comes to trying to lose weight cortisol is not your friend. Not only does it make burning fat a lot harder, but it also slows down your recovery time.

By doing steady state cardio you will keep cortisol at bay and be able to better control body fat. Aim to get at least 7 sessions of steady state cardio every week. This can be broken up in any way that is convenient for you.

For best results do steady state cardio first thing in the morning. Keep your sessions between 20-30 minutes and always consume BCAA’s and glutamine before your session.

Doing so will help you prevent muscle loss.

Give Intermittent Fasting a Try

If you are looking to reduce fat then intermittent fasting can prove to be a very beneficial strategy.

While there are many different ways you can incorporate intermittent fasting into your daily lifestyle, the idea behind them all is basically the same.

With intermittent fasting the goal is to consume all of your calories for the day during a certain timeframe.

Once that window has passed you will not eat anything else for the rest of the day.

Your window can be either 12 hours long or 6 hours short. It’s really up to you and how your body is able to handle eating only certain times a day.

For best results figure out which window will work best for you. And when you do break your fast, make sure you don’t do it with foods that spike your insulin levels.

Focus on protein sources that are slow digesting and foods that are high in fiber.

If you lift weights make sure your session falls within your meal window. This way you will have the necessary energy to optimize your workout.

Please note intermittent fasting isn’t ideal for those looking to bulk up.

Have a Late Night Snack Every Now and Then

Contrary to popular opinion, having a late night snack will not make you gain weight. The key is to focus on slow digesting proteins such as beef.

If you would prefer not to eat meat late at night, a high quality casein will do just fine. In addition you should also consume a dietary fat and fiber.

Adding some dietary fat and fiber to your late night snack will help slow down digestion and provide your body with a steady release of nutrients throughout the night.

This will ensure your muscle tissue doesn’t breakdown while you are sleeping.

And don’t worry, a late night snack won’t prevent you from taking advantage of the many benefits associated with intermittent fasting.

Here’s how to get the best results from your late night snack. First and foremost keep it small. All you need is a maximum of 30 grams of casein protein.

To increase the nutritional value you can even add in a few berries. Just make sure your snack does not exceed 300 calories.

Anything over 300 calories will cancel out the fat loss benefits you are getting from the intermittent fasting.

Stay Away From Calorie Free Sweeteners

Even though calorie free sweeteners have little to no calories, they still cause your body to release insulin.

The more insulin that gets released into your body, the more fat your body will store. If at all possible avoid calorie free sweeteners unless they are a part of the supplements you take for your workouts.

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