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How To Eat For Quick Weight Loss

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tips for quick weight loss

While we don’t encourage quick fixes when it comes to losing weight, we do understand that there are times when you need to shed a few extra pounds as quickly as possible.

Things such as high school reunions, weddings or special vacations are usually cause for drastic measures.

With that being said, please know we will never recommend you do anything that will put your health in danger.

The tips we share are all about making smart choices that can result in quick weight loss.

Cut Back On Carbs

For the most part your body already has plenty of glycogen stores to burn. That means you don’t need a ton of carbs unless you are doing some really intense training.

While carbs are known as being a great source of fuel, they also cause you to store extra water weight. This is why you get that puffy appearance.

By cutting back on carbs you will instantly look thinner due to the lack of extra water weight. This will give you the short term results you need to fit into that wedding gown or go to that class reunion.

To keep yourself from getting hungry make it a point to increase the amount of protein you consume. Protein keeps you feeling fuller for longer periods of time and it helps preserve your muscle mass.

Avoid Snacking

For some people snacking is second nature. Its something they do without even noticing they are doing it.

If your goal is quick weight loss one of the first things you need to do is stop snacking. It may seem small but those extra calories can really add up.

Most people think since they are working out more that they need to eat more. In most cases that is true. But since your goal is quick weight loss you need to make sure you remain in a caloric deficit.

Unless you are doing grueling two hour workouts chances are you won’t need extra calories throughout the day.

If you are hungry please make sure you eat. Just don’t do a bunch of mindless snacking as that will lead to weight gain instead of weight loss.

Eat During Your Workouts

Have you ever considered adding food to your workouts? Well you should.

To lose weight quick you will need to ramp up your level of activity. With more activity comes more calories burned which means you will be hungry more often.

And while we don’t recommend snacking all throughout the day, we do encourage you to eat in a strategic manner.

To ensure your body stays energized and you are able to perform well, its not a bad idea to eat during your workouts.

All too often people will avoid eating during their workouts and end up starving later on in the day. As a result they overeat and completely ruin their results.

Adjust your diet so that you have plenty of food in your system right before you workout.

Avoid Eating Salad

This is probably something you didn’t expect to hear. After all salad has been billed as a great low calorie option for those looking to lose weight fast.

When done right salads are indeed a great low calorie option. They are also great for your health when they are loaded with raw vegetables.

The problem however is that raw vegetables cause bloating. This means your stomach will be puffed out and you will probably not be able to fit into those special jeans you bought for the reunion.

It also takes a lot of energy for your body to digest raw vegetables. This is why they are often referred to as having the negative calorie effect.

It usually takes more calories to digest the raw vegetables than are in the actual vegetables themselves.

While your body is trying to digest all the roughage you may feel a little sluggish and tired. It can also make it very difficult to get a good workout in.

You should also avoid processed foods as they tend to cause excessive bloating.

While this is non food related, there is one last tip we would like to share. If your goal is quick weight loss we also recommend you invest in a decent fitness tracker.

At minimum you want a fitness tracker that is able to count your steps, calculate the amount of calories you have burned and track your heart rate.

A good fitness tracker will help you stay on track. If you don’t reach your step goal for the day it will let you know.

For most people that is motivation enough to make sure they get it done the next day. A good tracker will also let you know if you are working hard enough during your workout.

The goal is to get your heart rate to a place where you are burning maximum calories.

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