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How To Stay On Track During The Holidays

Monica Munday / 0 View / 2 years ago
staying on track during the holidays

With the holidays quickly approaching we thought we’d take the time to share a few tips that will help you make it through this season without packing on the pounds.

Because as you very well know, staying on track during the holidays can be extremely stressful. Especially when you consider how much delicious food will be at your disposal.

The good news is with a little planning you will be able to stay on track and avoid derailing your progress.

With that being said here are 5 tips that will help you stay on track this holiday season.

Learn How To Say No

Chances are your eating habits don’t quite align with everyone else in your family. So while they may choose to stuff their face with turkey and dressing, you will have to stay in control of what goes in your body.

Always remember you are under no obligation to eat anything that you don’t want to eat. If it doesn’t fit your macros, just say no!

Don’t worry about offending your family and friends by not eating what they have prepared. Explain to them what you are doing and more than likely they will support you.

For those few family members who don’t support you, pay them no mind. If they have a problem with you trying to eat healthier then that is their problem, not yours.

Don’t allow someone else to make you feel bad for trying to do better.

Take A Healthy Dish To The Party

Chances are there will be no healthy dishes at whatever holiday party you go to. The best thing you can do is prepare a healthy dish to share with your friends and family.

That way you will know there is at least one thing you can enjoy without stressing out.

Eat A Meal Before You Go

If you eat before you go you will be less tempted to indulge on the things you don’t need. And if you do have some turkey and dressing, you won’t eat as much because you will already have a little food in your stomach.

Drink Plenty of Water

You have probably heard this a million times but its worth repeating. When it comes to avoiding holiday cravings water is your best friend.

Water not only helps you stay hydrated but it also fills you up which means you will be less likely to overeat.

When you don’t drink enough water you feel lethargic and hungry. And during the holiday season the temperatures are low which means its a lot harder to remember to drink water.

By staying properly hydrated during the holiday season your body will be better able to bounce back.

Don’t Let Guilt Hold You Hostage

Its the holiday season which means there may be a day or two when you decide to let your hair down and enjoy yourself. If that happens don’t beat yourself up.

Overindulging and enjoying yourself is completely normal and quite honestly, to be expected. If this should happen to you just move on and do better the next day.

If you obsess over it and make it a bigger deal than what it is you will be more likely to continue overindulging due to the guilt you feel.

If you continue overindulging you will end up gaining more weight than you would care to acknowledge. So just let it go and move forward.

Remind yourself of what your goals are and focus on starting the next day on the right foot. Wake up, workout, prepare clean meals, and drink a gallon of water for the day.

No matter what happens on Thanksgiving or Christmas, make it a point to reconnect with your goals the very next morning.

If you can find a way to keep the big picture in the front of your mind little slip ups won’t be able to hold you back.


The holidays are a time for spending time with the ones we love the most. Its usually filled with good food, good times, and memories that will last a lifetime.

While sticking to your big picture goals is very important, don’t make it so important that you forget to have a good time.

Its okay to have some turkey and stuffing, or a piece of your favorite pie. The key is to do your best not to overdo it.

And even if you do overdo it, remember that you are only human. Don’t allow guilt and shame to set in as they will only slow you down.

Get up the next morning, wipe yourself off, and get right back on the horse.

As long as you don’t turn one day of overindulging into an entire week of overindulging you will be just fine.

Follow these 5 simple tips and your holiday season will be happy, healthy, and fun for all.

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