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How To Get The Most Out of a Fat Burner

Monica Munday / 0 View / 2 years ago
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Let’s start this off with a cold hard truth.

Popping a fat burner is not going to magically help you lose weight. We know that’s what you have been led to believe but its simply not true.

A fat burner is nothing more than a supplement. And while it can help you lose weight, it will only work if your exercise and diet regimen are on point.

Here are 4 ways you can get the most out of a fat burner.

Make Sure You Have a Solid Fitness Program To Follow

Taking a fat burner will do you no good if your nutrition is poor and you don’t train properly. In order to maximize the amount of calories you burn from taking a fat burner you must first make sure you have a solid fitness plan to follow.

When we say fitness plan we are referring to your workout as well as your diet. The problem most people run into is they think they can eat whatever they want since they are taking a fat burner.

Unfortunately that’s not how it works. If you eat two bags of chips at work a fat burner will not help you burn that off.

Going to the gym will. And the fat burner will help you get more out of your workout.

To increase your chances of success it is best you do all you can to control your environment. This means remove anything that will tempt you to mess up your diet.

Make Sure You Are Drinking Plenty of Water

Fat burners are a thermogenic. This basically means they cause you to sweat more. Most fat burners also use caffeine as a stimulant.

Caffeine is known to have a diuretic effect which can cause you to use the bathroom more often. Both of these scenarios, sweating more and using the bathroom more often, can quickly lead to dehydration.

That’s why its so important you drink a minimum of 3 quarts of cold water every single day. That’s almost a gallon of water and that is one of the best ways to keep yourself hydrated.

Drinking a lot of water will also increase your metabolism and help you burn more fat.

To help with absorption and hydration it is best you drink one cup of water with your fat burning supplements.

If you will be training for an extended period of time make sure you double the amount of water you drink.

Make Sure You Are Using The Right Formula

There are literally hundreds of fat burners on the market and all of them serve a different purpose. Your job is to make sure you choose the fat burner that provides you with what you need.

For example, if your primary goal is to have enough energy for your workouts, you need to choose a fat burner that has ingredients such as caffeine or yohimbe. Both are stimulants that can give you the energy you need to power through a tough workout.

If you want help with controlling your appetite, look for a fat burner that contains the appetite suppressant hoodia.

If you would prefer a fat burner that doesn’t contain stimulants you will need to get one that is stimulant free.

Watch out for stimulant free fat burners that contain green tea extract. Green tea contains a small amount of caffeine and may be an issue for those who have a sensitivity to caffeine.

Understand that no two fat burners are created equal. Each one contains a unique mix of different ingredients.

It is therefore very important you do plenty of research to ensure you take one that works well with your body.

Get Plenty of Sleep

When it comes to burning fat sleep is your best friend.

Far too many people turn to fat burners to get energy due to sleep deprivation. When you don’t get enough sleep and you take a fat burner your blood cortisol increases and you end up not getting any results.

Sleep helps with hormone balance and muscle recovery and repair. If you don’t get enough sleep your hormones will be out of balance and you will find it hard to make any progress.

Your goal should be to get at least eight hours of sleep every night. And depending on your training schedule, there may be days when you need to get closer to nine hours.

If you notice you have trouble sleeping after you start taking a fat burner that may be sign that you need to switch to stimulant free.

You can also make it a point to eliminate all sources of caffeine after a certain time. This way you won’t be overly excited just before going to bed.

Always remember that a fat burner is a supplement. If your diet and training regimens aren’t on point a fat burner will just be a waste of money.

So get those two things right first, and then add in a fat burner.

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