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Save Money at The Grocery Store With These Simple Tips

Monica Munday / 0 View / 2 years ago
grocery shopping on a budget

For the best weight loss results you must consume a diet that consists of good protein sources, fiber, and plenty of water.

Fiber, protein, and water are very important when it comes to controlling your appetite and reducing your urge to snack.

And while these benefits are absolutely amazing, the reality is eating a diet high in protein, fiber, and water can prove to be very costly.

This is because healthy foods, things such as fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, tend to have short shelf lives while processed foods tend to last for several years in some cases. Which by the way is completely unnatural and unhealthy.

With the healthy foods being more expensive it can be very difficult for someone on a tight budget to eat healthy.

But it doesn’t have to be…

Below you will discover super simple tips that will help you eat healthy without breaking the bank.

Do What Makes Sense For You

We are all different and have different goals. When it comes to eating healthy on a budget you have to do what makes sense for you and your goals.

Some people may want to focus on eating a certain number of calories per day. Others may want to focus on eating high quality foods.

Whatever it is, know that you will more than likely need to make a few sacrifices to ensure you not only stay within your budget, but also stay on track to reach your goal.

When it comes to eating healthy protein is often the most expensive source of food. Items such as boneless skinless chicken breasts, steak, and beef can often put you over your budget.

Luckily there are cheaper options.

Foods such as eggs and protein powder allow you to maintain a high protein intake without breaking the bank.

If your goal is to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables you consume, switch to frozen instead of fresh. Doing so will save you a few bucks without sacrificing the quality of nutrients.

When it boils down to it its all about your priorities. Eat in a way that helps you reach your goals while also keeping your budget intact.

Learn Shortcuts…and use them

Every week your local grocery store will have new deals. To save money you should check out these deals and use them to create your meals.

You should also learn about, and use, certain shortcuts that will almost always hold true. For example, peanut butter will almost always be the least expensive type of nut butter.

Grains such as oatmeal, quinoa, and brown rice are also very affordable. Certain fruits such as bananas and oranges tend to be pretty cheap as well.

For the more expensive fruits, things such as berries, always purchase them when they are on sale. Many stores will offer great deals on fruits when they are in season.

Make it a point to stock up on your favorite fruits when they are on sale.

Please note you should only buy in bulk if it makes sense. Don’t just stock up on something because its on sale. Doing so is a sure way to waste money as most of it will probably end up in the trash.

When buying in bulk, only buy items that you use often. Things such as meat, vegetables and frozen fruit.

Don’t Be Afraid To Buy Generic Brands

Most people shy away from generic brands because they think the quality isn’t good. This however is not always the case.

Just because a product is cheaper doesn’t mean it is of lesser quality.

Instead of looking for the most popular brand names look for high quality foods that have been sourced in a safe way.

Look at the nutritional profile of each product. Find out who made the product and where it was made.

These days there are literally hundreds of different brands on the market. The key to getting the biggest bang for your buck is to be a smart consumer.

Take the time to research various brands so you will know exactly what you are getting.


In all honesty, eating healthy isn’t as expensive as the food industry has made us believe. It is very possible to eat a macro friendly diet without breaking the bank.

The problem is since childhood we have been programmed to reach for the prepackaged foods that are quick and easy to prepare.

Once you start changing the way you eat you will quickly realize that eating healthy is not only affordable, but it can be just as delicious as the prepackaged foods.

It does however require a bit of planning on your part.

If you take the time to plan your meals in advance you will be able to get all the food you need while staying well within your budget.

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