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5 Lies About Protein You Should Stop Believing

Monica Munday / 0 View / 1 year ago
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When it comes to protein there are so many lies the mainstream media loves to peddle.

These lies lead to confusion and fear as people try to figure out if they are getting the right amount of protein in their diets.

Let’s dig into some of the top lies about protein and hopefully clear a few things up.

Lie #1 – Vegetarians Can’t Get Enough Protein

This is one of the most common lies about protein you will hear.

Some “gurus” believe eating meat is the only way to get protein.

While you would be correct in assuming vegetables aren’t the best source of protein, that still doesn’t mean vegetarians can’t get enough protein through diet.

The key to vegetarians getting enough protein is to consume several different sources on a regular basis.

Here are a few of the best protein sources for vegetarians.

Lie #2 – Protein Will Make You Lose Weight

Read the label on most protein powders and you would think its some sort of magic powder that will help you lose weight.

However, protein in and of itself will not make you lose weight.

As a matter of fact, calories in versus calories out is the only thing that will dictate what your body weight will be.

How protein will affect your weight will depend on how the rest of your diet looks.

For example, if you decide to replace one meal a day with a protein shake mixed with water, this will reduce your overall caloric intake for the day.

As a result you will lose weight.

On the other hand, if you decide to add a protein shake as an additional meal, chances are this will lead to you gaining weight.

So whether you lose or gain really depends on how you use the protein.

Lie #3 – You Need a Complete Protein With Every Meal

If a protein source is considered complete that means it contains all nine essential amino acids.

It is not necessary to have a complete protein source with every meal you eat.

Your main goal should be to make sure you are getting a variety of different protein sources in your diet.

There is no need to get all nine essential amino acids every time you eat.

As long as you get all nine over the course of the day you will be just fine.

Lie #4 – Too Much Protein Is Bad For You

Its almost like you really can’t win when it comes to protein.

You are either concerned about not getting enough protein, or you are trying to make sure you don’t get too much.

If you are suffering from any kidney issues it may be harmful for you to consume a diet high in protein.

For healthy individuals doing so should not be a problem

If you’re worried about gaining weight, keep in mind weight gain is a result of excess calories.

The interesting thing is high protein diets can be very beneficial for those looking to lose weight.

This is because protein fills you up causing you to eat less throughout the day.

Lie #5 – Vegetables Are a Great Source of Protein

Yes protein can be found in vegetables. However, that doesn’t mean they are a great source.

Animal protein is the best source of protein when it comes to the amount you get per serving.

And if its a lean cut of meat you will basically be getting nothing but protein.

Plant based foods such as vegetables tend to be mostly carbs.

The great thing about animal sources of protein is you are able to trim the fat.

So even if its not a lean cut, you can make it lean by removing as much fat as you can.

A healthy diet will consist of large amounts of vegetables and other plant based foods.

However, that doesn’t mean these foods will provide you with adequate amounts of protein.

For that you will need to consume foods such as ground turkey, boneless skinless chicken breasts, and ground beef just to name a few.


When it comes to reaching your health and fitness goals, its a good idea to pay close attention to how much protein you are consuming.

If you opt to use protein powder as a way to help you get enough protein, keep in mind it is just a supplement.

It other words it will supplement what you are already doing.

If your diet isn’t balanced, a protein powder supplement won’t do you any good.

So before you run out and load up on any supplements, take the time to get your diet in order.

Learn how and what to eat to get the results you are after.

Once your diet has been reigned in you can add in your supplements.

With the supplements your results will be even better.

Here is the best way to diet if you are trying to lose weight.


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