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How To Combat Childhood Obesity – 4 Tips For Parents

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combat childhood obesity

According to some research there are over 3 million cases of childhood obesity in the United States every year.

That alone should tell you how serious this issue is.

Children who are overweight not only suffer in their physical health, but they also tend to have self esteem issues.

Overweight children are more likely to be bullied at school and in other settings.

As a parent this has to be heartbreaking. No parent wants their child to be made fun of because of their weight.

If you have a child that is dealing with weight challenges, the most important thing you can do is make sure they know they are loved.

That is your first mission. However, that is not enough.

Making sure your child is physically healthy is just as important as making sure they know they are loved.

Carrying around excess weight is not good for anyone. Especially children.

When a child has weight issues, they usually turn into an adult with those same weight issues.

The good news is making a few small changes to your lifestyle will help your child beat the battle of bulge and start living a happier, healthier life.

4 Ways To Combat Childhood Obesity

Find Healthy Snack Options

When it comes to childhood obesity parents are truly fighting an uphill battle.

After all, the food industry makes the unhealthy foods that are designed to get your children addicted.

That’s why its so important you take the time to educate yourself on the various ingredients found in children’s snacks.

Stay away from snacks with artificial ingredients.  Opt instead for snacks with natural ingredients.

Things such as nuts, a piece of fruit, cheese, and popcorn are all great options.

You should also replace fried chips with baked chips and throw out all sugary drinks.

Check out these 28 healthy snack ideas for children.

Workout With Your Child

If you want your child to workout, you must get involved and workout too.

Combating childhood obesity is really about leading by example.

You can’t expect your child to go workout on their own.

By working out with your child you show them that health is important no matter your age or weight.

It will also serve as support which is extremely important for anyone who is having challenges with their weight.

Here is a 25 minute fun workout you and your children can do from the comfort of your home.

Schedule Meal Times

When your child is away from home it can be very difficult to control when and what they are eating.

However, when they are at home you can have scheduled meal times which will help them control their portions.

You should schedule meal times for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacking.

When it comes to snacking you should allow for it only two times a day.

If your child is currently snacking outside of those snack times, cut them out.

Eliminate any snacks right before bed.

While you never want to send your child to bed hungry, you also don’t want them to make a habit out of snacking right before bed.

Having scheduled meal times will actually help make your child become a more disciplined eater.

As a result their daily caloric intake will be more consistent which means weight gain will slow down dramatically.

Play Video Games With An Exercise Theme

Children love video games.

Some experts believe video games is one of the main reasons we are dealing with a childhood obesity epidemic.

Instead of getting outside and running around children are spending hours and hours playing video games.

Recreation is a very important part of a child’s development.

You should therefore never take that away from them in exchange for exercise.

You should however make video games with an exercise theme an important part of recreation time.

This way your child will be having fun while also getting a great workout.


These 4 simple techniques are a great way to start helping your child overcome their weight challenges.

It is very important you take this seriously and are consistent with whatever path you choose to take.

Consistency is what will produce the best results.

If you are hit and miss your child will continue on with their bad lifestyle habits.

Start by implementing one or two of the techniques listed in this article.

Don’t try to do them all as it will be overwhelming for both you and your child.

As each technique becomes a part of your daily life you can add in a new one.

Eventually eating healthy and working out will become something you and your child look forward to.

Always remember that its okay for your child to have their favorite treat every now and then.

As long as they aren’t having it on a daily basis then they should continue to lose weight.

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