How To Lose Weight With PCOS

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lose weight with PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, also referred to as PCOS, is a condition that affects up to 7% of adult women.

When a women has PCOS it means she will have to deal with hormonal imbalances, irregular periods, and in some cases a small cyst developing on one or both of her ovaries.

Inflammation, insulin resistance, and hormonal imbalances make it very difficult to lose weight with PCOS.

The good news is even a 5% reduction in your weight can improve the overall quality of your life.

5 Tips To Help You Lose Weight With PCOS

Exercise Regularly

When it comes to how to lose weight with PCOS, the strategies are very simple and easy to follow.

Whether you have PCOS or not, in order to lose weight you will need to exercise.

A 12 week study done on 16 women found that doing 45-60 minutes of cardio a day, 3 times a week could help women with PCOS lose 2.3% of their body fat.

While women with PCOS tend to lose less fat than women without the condition, exercise is still beneficial in improving overall health.

Weight training is also great for women with PCOS.

One study found that weight training 3 times a week helped women with PCOS lose belly fat while keeping blood sugar levels in check.

Eat Plenty of Fiber

Fiber is great because it helps you stay fuller for longer periods of time.

Because of this women with PCOS may benefit from a high fiber diet.

In the United States the Reference Daily Intake recommends you get 14 grams of fiber for every 1,000 calories you consume.

For women that would equate to around 25 grams per day.

One study found that increasing fiber intake may result in lower body fat, lower belly fat, and lower insulin resistance. Note these results were only for women who have PCOS.

Find a Way To Reduce Inflammation

When you have an infection or injury inflammation naturally occurs.  For the most part its nothing to worry about.

Chronic inflammation on the other hand is more serious.

Chronic inflammation is common in women with PCOS. It is also directly linked to obesity.

The two main things that contribute to inflammation are sugar and processed foods.

One study found that women with PCOS who took a dose of 75 grams of glucose had higher blood markers for inflammation.

Women with PCOS should consider the Mediterranean Diet as it can ward off inflammation.

The Mediterranean Diet consists of a lot of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Make Sure You’re Eating Enough Calories

When you restrict your calories for an extended period of time it can slow down your metabolism.

Yes, calorie restriction will lead to weight loss which of course is your goal.

However, that weight loss will only be short term.

Once your body adapts to this calorie restriction it will burn fewer calories which means you will gain the weight back.

When you don’t eat enough it has a negative impact on your hormones.

One study found that when you restrict your calories you modify several hormones including insulin, leptin, ghrelin, and peptide.

Instead of restricting your calories focus on eating a balanced diet that consists of mostly whole foods.

The good news is you don’t necessarily need to restrict calories to lose weight.

If you simply reduce the amount of foods with added sugars and refined grains that you consume, you will lose weight.

Consider Taking Supplements

There are several supplements on the market that can help women who suffer from PCOS.

Many of these supplements will help you manage your weight and better deal with the symptoms associated with PCOS.

One of the supplements that may lead to weight loss is Myo-inositol.

Inositol is a compound that can help improve insulin sensitivity.

92 women with PCOS participated in a randomized study.

Half of the women were given 4 grams of myo-inositol everyday for 14 weeks. The other half were given a placebo.

The women who were given myo-inositol lost weight. And interestingly enough, the women who were given the placebo ended up gaining weight.

Another supplement that may help you lose weight with PCOS is Carnitine.

Carnitine is an amino acid that’s found in meat.

A 12 week study done on 60 overweight women with PCOS found that taking 50 mg of Carnitine per day could help you lose an average of 5.9 pounds.


While losing weight with PCOS can be a challenge, its not impossible.

A well balanced diet combined with a regular workout regimen is the key to losing weight regardless of what health condition you may have.

You should also make lifestyle changes such as making sure you get seven hours of sleep every night.

Don’t allow PCOS to stop you from transforming your body.

Follow these simple tips and you will be well on your way to having the body of your dreams.

Will it be easy? Absolutely not. But it will be well worth it.



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