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8 Easily Overlooked Signs Your Metabolism Is Slowing Down

Monica Munday / 0 View / 1 year ago
signs metabolism is slowing down

Being young and free has a lot of advantages.

You can stay out all night, drink as much as you want, and still not gain a single pound.

But as you get older your body starts to change.

You can no longer eat a whole pizza and wake up the next morning without a care in the world.

Now you can feel it. You can feel that something is different.

And even when you get plenty of sleep you still feel tired.

So why are you feeling this way?

Is something wrong?

This could all be a sign that your metabolism is slowing down.

8 Signs Your Metabolism Is Slowing Down

You Are Constantly Tired

Do you constantly feel tired and too sluggish to do anything?

If so you may be experiencing your metabolism slowing down.

Generally speaking this is a result of a lack of exercise.

Something most of us stop doing as we get older.

Your Weight Is All Over The Place

This is probably one of the more known signs of a slowing metabolism.

As you get older you may notice your weight doesn’t stabilize like it once did.

When you have a slow metabolism not only is it hard to lose weight, but its super easy to gain it.

This is because a slow metabolism is unable to burn a ton of calories at the same time.

Instead of burning calories it actually starts to produce fat.

This of course could prove to be a huge problem when you are trying to lose weight.

You Have Developed a Food Intolerance 

Are you starting to notice a pattern in your body that isn’t quite normal?

Are you having IBS symptoms?

These both could be signs your metabolism is slowing down.

Its not uncommon for people with a slow metabolism to develop food intolerances.

It is therefore very important that you are mindful of what you eat.

Otherwise you may be doing more harm than good to your metabolism.

You Eat Healthy But Your Weight Doesn’t Change

Generally speaking when you eat a healthy diet you will lose weight.

This is because you have cut out processed foods and aren’t consuming a ton of refined sugars.

When your metabolism has slowed down a healthy diet will have no impact on your weight.

In some cases you may even gain weight.

Your Mind Is Weary

Are you having trouble focusing?

Does it seem like you are anxious more often?

These are very subtle signs that your metabolism is slowing down or has already slowed down.

You Are Constantly Stressed Out

Stress can wreak havoc on your body.

When you are constantly stressed in means you are always in fight or flight mode.

This means your cortisol levels are always high.

The problem with cortisol is that it breaks down muscle and uses it for energy.

When you are stressed it is this loss of muscle that causes your metabolism to slow down.

While one stressful event won’t negatively effect your metabolism, chronic stress can prove to be a serious problem.

The simple way to ensure your metabolism stays intact is to take care of your health.

You Have Extremely Dry Skin

Yes your skin is a tell tale sign of whether or not you have a slow metabolism.

If your skin is dry and no matter what you do is still won’t moisturize, that is a sign your metabolism is slowing down.

You Have a Medical Issue

Sometimes a slow metabolism is a result of an underlying medical issue.

According to Sylvie Tremblay, MSC, health issues such as hypothyroidism or an under active thyroid can lead to a slow, or slower, metabolism.

This is because thyroid hormones are responsible for the rate at which your metabolism runs.

When those hormones aren’t at normal levels your metabolism will slow down to a crawl.

In this situation your diet and lack of exercise are not the cause of your metabolism slowing down.


Having a slow metabolism is not the end of the word.

However, it is important you know the signs of one so you can do something about it.

The good news is boosting your metabolism boils down to taking care of your body.

Start drinking more water and eating a healthy well balanced diet.

While this might not sound like a sexy solution, it is the best solution as it has no serious side effects.

Here is a simple workout routine and a healthy eating plan you can start following today.

Make a few small changes to your lifestyle and you will be surprised how quickly your metabolism starts to change.

If diet and exercise don’t seem to be enough, it may be time to go speak with a doctor as there may be an underlying medical issue that needs to be checked out.

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