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How To Get a Great Workout When You Are Short On Time

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quick workouts when short on time

We all have busy lives.

And while we usually find a way to get our workout in, there are some days when you simply don’t have the time.

Or do you?

Just because you are short on time doesn’t mean you can’t get a good workout in.

Here are a few tips that will help crush your workout even when you are short on time.

Have a Plan B

When you are crunched for time you need to have a clear plan of the exercises you will do.

You need to know how many reps, how many sets, and how much weight you will be using with each exercise.

You will also need a plan B just in case plan A doesn’t work out as planned.

If someone is hogging the machine you want you have to move on to something else.

You don’t have time to sit around and wait.

That’s why its so important you have a plan B.

This way you won’t waste time trying to figure out what to do.

Block Out All Distractions

This is hard for a lot of people but it must be done.

Especially since time is not on your side.

The reason why guys such as The Rock have such amazing physiques is because they don’t play around in the gym.

When its time to workout, they workout.

They don’t talk on their phones and they don’t engage in random conversations with other gym goers.

Most importantly, they stay off of social media.

I know you feel like you need to take a picture of your muscles every chance you get, but trust us you don’t.

Just get in, get the workout done, and go on about your day.

When you are crunched for time you don’t have time for unnecessary distractions.

Superset When You Can

Supersetting will not only save you time, but it will also challenge your muscles in ways you never thought possible.

The only way to make supersetting work is to do exercises that are in close proximity.

If you have to run all the way across the gym to do your second exercise that won’t be very productive.

When supersetting you will be working the same muscle group from different angles.

For example, you might superset the machine press with the machine lateral raise.

Both machines will work your shoulders and they are usually within a few feet of each other in the gym.

To save even more time you can grab a pair of dumbbells and sit them next to the machine press.

This way you can superset without having to change machines.

Push ups are also a great exercise to pair with machine presses.

Take Shorter Rest Periods

A simple way to take your workout to the next level while saving a ton of time is to shorten your rest periods.

Shorter rest periods can help you burn more calories and improve your fitness gains.

This is due to the fact your workouts will be more intense.

Since your rest periods will be shorter that means your muscles won’t be able to fully recovery before you start the next set.

This means your muscles will deplete faster than normal.

Since you are short on time this will not be a day when you would go for a PR.

You should save that for a day when you can spend a little more time in the gym.

If you usually rest for 45 seconds between sets, on this day you should rest 35 seconds.

While 10 seconds may not sound like much, trust us it will make a huge difference in your overall workout.

Have Your Drink Mixed and Ready To Go

Again, your number one goal is to get in and out the gym as quickly as possible.

Don’t wait until you get to the gym to mix your intra-workout drink.

This should already be prepared before you step in the gym.

If you have to stop in the middle of your workout to prepare your drink, all that does is take away from your workout.

It costs you in time and in calories burned.

Have everything you need for your workout prepared in advance.

Take a gallon of water with you so you can avoid having to stop and get water from the water fountain.

This step alone will probably shave off about 10 minutes from your workout.

The Bottom Line

When you are short on time the last thing you want to do is mess around.

Make sure you are fully prepared before you hit the gym.

Prepare your workout the night before.

You should also prepare your playlist so you can just hit play and start working out.

The key is to do as much in advance as you can.

This way when you get to the gym you can focus on the only thing that matters, your workout!

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