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5 Proven Benefits of a Low Carb Diet

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benefits of a low carb diet

Its no secret that carbs play a major role in the human metabolic process.

They are stored in the liver and muscle cells in the form of glycogen.

They basically have one role and that is to supply your body with a quick source of energy.

You will often hear bodybuilders talk about depleting their muscles of glycogen.

And when this happens the body will start to produce organic compounds known as ketones.

As your body starts to burn fat for fuel the ketones will form.

This process, your body burning fat as fuel, is what makes a low carb diet so effective at helping you lose weight.

Not only does a low carb diet enable your liver to convert fat into ketones, but it also provides you with a host of other physical and mental health benefits.

5 Proven Benefits of a Low Carb Diet

Appetite Reduction

When your body starts to break down fats it is very common to experience a significant reduction in appetite.

You will find that you are full for longer periods of time. This will help you eat less and thus lose weight.

A low carb diet can help reduce food cravings and the urge to binge.

Both issues can prevent individuals from losing weight and lead to yo-yo dieting.

When you don’t have to worry about food cravings sticking to a diet becomes much more doable.

The heart, brain, and muscle tissues are more likely to burn ketones instead of glycogen.

When ketones are burned your body is able to conserve blood sugar and function more effectively.

Triglyceride Levels Will Decrease 

When dietary fat, which is the kind of fat we get through the foods we eat, and the fat in our body’s turns into free fat acids, that is when the production of triglycerides takes place.

High levels of triglycerides can be extremely dangerous to your health.

Not only do they lead to obesity, but they can also cause seizures and heart disease.

To lower the levels of fat in your blood stream consider cutting back on the amount of carbohydrates you consume.

The great thing about a low carb diet is it automatically limits certain types of carbs.

Increases Your Good Cholesterol Levels

According to 12 separate medical studies done on over 1200 patients, low carb diets such as the keto diet can help improve ones cardiovascular health by increasing the level of HDL, which is the good cholesterol, in your body.

When compared to traditional weight loss methods, it is believed that a low carb diet is more efficient when it comes to increasing HDL levels.

If your goal is to improve your heart health, increasing the good cholesterol levels is a great place to start.

Stabilizes Blood Pressure

Most people shy away from low carb diets due to the increased fat intake.

They are under the impression that a high fat diet is bad for their health.

Now don’t get us wrong, there are some negative aspects to a low carb high fat diet.

However, negatively affecting your blood pressure is not one of them.

As a matter of fact, low fat diets are more often associated with high blood pressure than high fat diets.

What you have to remember is that diets such as the ketogenic diet are centered around eating quality, healthy fats.

When you eat quality fats it contributes to a healthier blood pressure.

Supports The Treatment of Common Mental Disorders

This is probably not a benefit you would think of when it comes to a low carb diet.

But low carb diets have been proven to be very beneficial for those who suffer from conditions such as epilepsy, bipolar disorder, seizures, and other mental health conditions.

Low carb diets are so effective that they have been used to treat depression and anxiety in clinical settings.

If you are someone who does not suffer from any type of mental condition, the keto diet can still be beneficial for you as well.

It can help with clarity and focus .

If you are looking for a diet that can help you improve your figure, focus, and overall health, look no further than the low carb diet.

Please know that it is always wise to do your own research before starting any new diet program.

Learn about the benefits as well as the disadvantages of a low carb diet.

We also recommend you consult with a medical professional to ensure this type of diet is safe for you.

Getting Started With a Low Carb Diet

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