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How To Get The Most Out of a Walking Club

Monica Munday / 0 View / 11 months ago
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Walking is by far one of the easiest forms of exercise to start doing.

It doesn’t require a gym membership or any special equipment.

Just grab a pair of walking shoes and head outside.

The problem most people run into is they don’t like walking alone.

And that is where walking clubs can prove to be very beneficial.

3 Benefits of Joining a Walking Club

You Will Spend Time With Friends

Sometimes its hard to find time to spend with friends.

It is just as hard to find time to go to the gym and workout.

With a walking club you get the best of both worlds.

You will be able to socialize with your friends and get a workout at the same time.

You Will Have More Motivation

Being around people with similar goals can give your motivation a big boost.

Knowing that others will be expecting you to show up will make it less likely you will miss a walk.

Better Safety

If your personal safety is a concern, walking with a group of people can help you feel safer.

Having additional people with you can help deter crime and will ensure someone is always with you in case of an emergency.

How To Get The Most Out of a Walking Club

Spread The Word

Most walking clubs start off small and will only include family and friends.

However, if you want it to grow you will need to make a conscience effort to spread the word.

The easiest way to do this is to reach out to people who follow you on social media.

If you are not a fan of social media, consider passing out flyers in your local area.

Schedule a Kick Off Meeting

After you have recruited others to join your walking club, the next thing you want to do is have a kick off meeting.

The purpose of this meeting is to sort out all the details.

Plan out when you will walk, where you will walk, and where you will meet each day.

You should also discuss how far you will walk to ensure it is something everyone is capable of doing.

The kick off meeting should also be the place where you set the ground rules.

All expectations must be made clear at this meeting.

For example, are dogs allowed on walks?

If so is it required they be on a leash?

Are phones allowed on walks?

What will happen if members don’t show up?

Hashing this out at the meeting will make the whole process start off a lot smoother.

Coordinate Communications

Make it a point to collect everyone’s email and mobile phone number.

This way you can easily send updates to all members.

Brand Yourselves

Why not give your walking club a name and a logo?

This makes people feel like they are really part of a community.

See if the members would be interested in purchasing t-shirts for everyone.

Chances are they will be.

Have Monthly Contests

To keep things fun consider having monthly contests.

Give out rewards when members accomplish different milestones.

For example, if a member was able to increase their distance one month, give them some sort of reward.

No need to get fancy with the rewards.

A gift card to a local restaurant is plenty.

Plan Social Events

You may find that you and your group members become much more than just walking buddies.

Often times strong friendships are developed as a result of being a part of a walking club.

Because of this you may want to spend time with each other outside of just walking.

Establish a weekly tradition where you meet up for morning coffee or lunch.

You can even plan weekend trips where the group can bond even more.

Plan For Growth

Some walking clubs become so popular that they become overwhelmed with members.

That’s why its a good idea to plan for growth.

Figure out how the group will handle new applications.

Have a clear decision making process so its easy to decide if someone is a good fit for the club.

If the group gets big enough, consider electing a president.

This person can oversee all activities for the year.


If you are looking for a fun way to get in some exercise, consider joining a walking club.

If there isn’t one in your local area consider starting one.

All you have to do is tell people what you are doing and some will more than likely join.

It may start off slow, but don’t get discouraged.

As more people join it will start to pick up steam.

The great thing about joining a walking club is it will give you the support you need to start your health and fitness journey.

So start asking around to see if anyone would be interested in starting a walking club with you!

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