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How To Create a Sustainable Weight Loss Mindset

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sustainable weight loss

When it comes to losing weight mindset is everything.

In order to get the best results your body and mind must work together.

While you can easily lose weight by spending 2 hours in the gym everyday, you won’t be able to maintain that weight loss until you change the way you think.

Here’s how you can create a long term game plan that will result in sustainable weight loss.

Change The Way You Think About Eating

Sustainable weight loss starts in the kitchen. Here are a few ways you can change the way you think about eating.

Eat Foods You Like

You will never keep the weight off if you don’t like the foods you are eating.

Luckily, with so many nutritious foods available, finding something you like shouldn’t be a problem.

If you don’t like broccoli, consider eating another green vegetable such as spinach or green beans.

No need to torture yourself with foods you don’t like.

Know Your Caloric Needs

There are a lot of different factors that go into determining how many calories you need on a daily basis.

Things such as your age, current weight, and activity level will all impact your caloric needs.

Here is a calorie calculator you can use to find out how many calories you really need.

Focus on Eating a Balanced Diet

Balance is your friend when it comes to sustainable weight loss.

You may be able to survive on 500 calories a day for a few days, but eventually you will cave and eat everything in sight.

Instead of restricting your calories, focus on eating a balanced diet.

Doing so will ensure you lose the weight and keep it off for good.

Understand How Fad Diets Impact Your Health

Fad diets are very tempting due to the promises of super fast weight loss.

Understanding how these diets negatively impact your health can make it less tempting to give one a try.

Dramatic changes in weight can actually cause you to get fatter.

It can also weaken your bones.

Change The Way You Think About Exercise

Its not enough to change the way you think about eating. You must also change the way you think about exercise.

Make Sure You Enjoy Your Workouts

Just like you should enjoy the foods you eat, you should also enjoy the type of workouts you do.

When it comes to working out there is no one size fits all.

What works for someone else might not necessarily work for you.

That’s why it is so important you find a workout routine you enjoy doing.

When you enjoy your workouts you will be more likely to stick with them.

Learn To Love Your Body

While you may not be able to do certain exercises right now, you should still love and appreciate your body.

Be grateful for what you can do and focus on the future.

Avoid Injuries

The last thing you want is an injury that shuts you down for several weeks.

Avoid over-training and make sure you always get plenty of rest.

Doing so will keep injuries at bay.

4 Tips To Help You Live a Healthier Life

Now that you have changed your mindset its time to learn how to continue living a healthy life.

Manage Stress

Stress is the root cause of almost every disease.

Stress also causes you to eat emotionally which leads to weight gain.

It is therefore vital you learn how to manage stress.

This can be done through meditation, or by listening to relaxing music.

Form New Habits

Nothing will change until your habits change.

The good news is it doesn’t take long to form a new habit.

For most people it takes about 21 days or 3 weeks.

If you can push yourself to workout for 21 days straight, it will eventually become automatic.

Break Down Big Goals

Its great that you want to lose 50 pounds, but having such large goals can often seem overwhelming.

To make your goals more attainable consider breaking them down into weekly or monthly segments.

Instead of focusing on losing all 50 pounds, focus on losing just 10 pounds in the next month.

Once you reach that goal you can focus on losing another 10.

Breaking it down this way will keep you motivated and prevent overwhelm.

Seek Support

Losing weight can be a very lonely journey.

Sometimes you just need someone there who understands what you are going through.

Having good support can help you keep going when things get tough.

Ask your family and friends if they will join you as you work towards a healthier you.

Ask them to support you by eating healthy with you and by working out with you when they have the time.

If you can’t find the support you need from family and friends, look for it at your gym.

Most gym goers are super supportive and will do all they can to help you reach your goal.

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