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How To Tone Your Body In Six Weeks

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tone your body in six weeks

For most people getting slim and fit is a big challenge.

However, that doesn’t mean its impossible.

As a matter of fact, by making the right adjustments to your diet you will be able to see a noticeable difference in your waistline in just 6 weeks.

So now the question is where do you start?

What type of changes do you need to make to your diet to get the results you desire?

It all boils down to the foods you eat.

4 Diet Strategies That Will Help You Tone Your Body In Six Weeks

By following these 4 diet strategies you put yourself in a great position to tone your body in six weeks.

Diet Strategy #1 – Watch Out For Belly Bloaters

What are belly bloaters?

Belly bloaters are foods and beverages that cause you to bloat.

By eliminating, or reducing, these foods, your belly can literally start to slim down in a matter of days.

All carbonated beverages, due to the air component, cause you to bloat.

For the next six weeks cut them out and drink only water.

There are also certain vegetables that cause you to bloat.

For example, broccoli, though extremely healthy, contains FODMAPs which may cause you to bloat.

Great alternatives would be vegetables such as spinach, sweet potatoes, and cucumbers.

Hard candy and chewing gum can also cause bloating because they cause you to take in more air.

The biggest offender of them all is dairy products.

If you are allergic to lactose dairy products can cause serious bloating.

For the next six weeks cut out all dairy products.

Here are a few alternatives that will provide you with the same benefits.

Diet Strategy #2 – Increase Your Fiber Intake

When you are trying to slim down fiber can prove to be one of your best friends.

Foods high in fiber tend to be low calorie yet very dense.

This basically means they will fill you up without causing you to pack on the extra pounds.

Even better is the fact that fiber does a really great job of forcing toxins out of your body.

Most fruits and vegetables are a great source of fiber. Especially the ones with skin.

Make an effort to eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday.

Whole grain products such as oatmeal are also great sources of fiber.

Diet Strategy #3 – Cut Back On The Added Sugars

You often hear people say cut back on sugar.

However, that statement can be a little deceiving.

You see, its not all sugar that you need to cut back on. Its just the added sugars.

Added sugars are the sugars that are made in a lab.

In other words they aren’t naturally occurring like the sugars found in fruits.

Some of the most popular added sugars are high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, Maltodextrin, and rice syrup just to name a few.

The problem with added sugars, besides being extremely unhealthy, is they cause you to gain weight.

Sugary foods are high in calories and very delicious.

This is why they are so easy to indulge on.

Just think about it.

How many times have you eaten just one cookie? Probably never.

Sugary foods are designed to be addictive.

And the worst part is they provide absolutely no nutritional value.

For the next six weeks stay away from sugary foods such as cookies, chips, soda, and candy.

Diet Strategy #4 – Go Easy On The Salt

A diet high in sodium usually leads to health conditions such as hypertension.

Too much salt can also cause you to gain weight.

This is due to the fact that excess salt causes fluid retention.

The easiest way to cut back on salt is to cut back on processed foods.

Salt is used in processed foods to help preserve the foods for an extended period of time.

Truth is, no food should last 2 years. This can only happen with processed foods.

So not only are these foods bad for your health, but they lead to weight gain.

Your diet should be centered around whole, non processed, natural foods.

In other words foods that can’t be found in a can or bag.

Opt for fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, and fresh cuts of meat.

No processed meat of any kind for the next six weeks.

Its All About Making Healthy Food Choices

If you truly want to tone your body in six weeks, it all starts with changing your diet.

Start eating healthier foods and eliminate the foods that will cause you to gain weight.

Once you make the right diet changes you will be well on your way to reaching your goal.

While your diet should be number one, you should also incorporate a good workout routine into your daily schedule.

A clean diet combined with a strength training program will help you maximize your results.

When it boils down to it, you can do a lot to your body in six weeks. But only if you start now!

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