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Keto Diet Success Tip – Displace Instead of Replace

Monica Munday / 0 View / 8 months ago
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One of the biggest reasons people struggle so much with losing weight is because they take the all or nothing approach.

They literally throw everything out that they consider to be unhealthy.

Some people of course think this type of approach is a good thing.

They view it as a high level of commitment to the task at hand.

True enough, throwing all the bad food out can be seen as commitment.

But it can also be setting you up for failure.

The Big Problem With an All or Nothing Mindset

Anytime you abruptly make changes to your diet, your body will start to push back.

You may not notice this push back immediately, but eventually it will take over.

Once this happens you will revert back to your old eating habits.

The same habits that got you where you are now, out of shape, and overweight.

We are all creatures of habit.

We are accustomed to doing certain things, a certain way, all the time.

Your current weight is nothing more than a reflection of the habits you developed.

So the key to taking your weight loss results to the next level is to change your habits.

Doing so, however, is no easy feat.

This is why you will never be successful by taking the all or nothing approach.

You have to focus on changing your habits first, then everything else will fall into place.

When you don’t change your habits, that’s how you end up on the dieting roller coaster.

How To Change Your Habits – Displace Not Replace

Let me ask you a question..How many new diets have you tried in the last year?

The average person goes on a diet 3-4 times a year.

You start a new diet, realize you’re not getting the results you want, so you find a new diet and try that one.

Does that sound familiar?

All of us have been down this road a time or two, me included.

Here’s the deal though, it really doesn’t matter what diet you try…Because at the end of the day, all diets work to some degree.

The number one reason people can’t maintain their results is because they don’t change their habits.

This is why I personally advise against the all or nothing approach.

You should instead focus on making small changes that can equal big results.

One way to do this is to displace, instead of replace.

When most people go on a diet, they go in their kitchen and throw out all the food they deem “bad”.

The goal is to replace all the “bad” food with “good” food.

Have you ever done this before? How did it work out for you?

Probably not that good……

You see, when you try to replace all of your food choices at the same time, it will almost always backfire.

When most people start the keto diet, the first thing they do is throw out anything they think has carbs in it.

The problem with this type of approach is that its not sustainable.

That’s why we encourage you to displace, and not replace.

What does that mean exactly?

Instead of replacing high carb foods, add more high quality fats to your diet.

Instead of subtracting, you are adding.

So each day you are adding more fat into your diet.

The idea is to get to a place where high carb foods are no longer the biggest portion on your plate.

Its All About Psychology

When it comes to losing weight, your mindset is very important.

Anytime you eliminate food groups from your meal plan you will start to feel deprived.

When you feel deprived, you will quit.

This is why you should focus on displacing instead of replacing.

Doing so will make the transition to the keto diet a lot easier.

As you start eating more keto friendly meals, you will notice your taste buds start to change.

You may find that you no longer crave, or desire, certain foods.

Its Not Easy, But It Gets Better

Starting a new diet is never easy.

The transition period will no doubt be a little frustrating, and maybe even overwhelming.

But if you stick with it, it will get better.

Its okay to ease your way into the keto diet.

There is no need to go cold turkey.

Take your time and learn all the ins and outs of the diet.

Learn what foods you should eat, as well as how those foods will affect your body.

Take the time to prepare your meals in advance.

Doing so will make it a lot easier to stick with your new way of eating.

Look at the keto diet as a lifestyle change, and not the latest fad diet.

When you approach it in this manner, your results will be that much better.

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