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How To Get Into Ketosis FAST

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Before we dive in and talk about how you can get into ketosis fast, let’s first take a minute to explain what ketosis is.

The keto diet isn’t some magic fad diet that doesn’t work.

It is actually backed by science.

Ketosis is a natural state that occurs anytime your body doesn’t have enough carbs to use a fuel.

When this happens it forces your body to look for a different source of energy.

Whether you are following the keto diet or not, all of us have been in the state of ketosis at some point in our lives.

It can happen when you miss a meal or when you workout to the point of exhaustion.

But for those following the keto diet, getting into ketosis isn’t always as easy as missing a meal.

It takes a little more strategy than that.

Let’s start by talking about the foods you should avoid as they will hinder your ability to go into ketosis.

Avoid all grains, whole meal included (rye, wheat, oats, barley, corn, millet, rice sorghum and buckwheat). Also, avoid all products made from grains; these include foods such as crackers, pasta, pizza, and cookies.

Avoid refined fats and oils like sunflower, canola, grape seed, corn oil, soybean, and Trans-fats such as margarine.

Avoid milk (only full-fat raw milk is acceptable). For coffee, replace milk with reasonable amounts of cream.

Avoid tropical fruits such as bananas, pineapples, mango, papaya, etc., and some high carb fruit.

Avoid fruit juice.

Avoid factory-farmed pork and fish.

Avoid all artificial sweeteners containing Aspartame, Sucralose, Saccharine, etc.

Avoid alcoholic sweet drinks such as beer, and sweet wine

Avoid Soy products

How To Get Into Ketosis FAST

Now that you know what foods you should avoid, let’s talk about a few things you can do to get into ketosis fast.

Keep in mind it takes 48 hours for your body to go into a state of ketosis.

Getting there requires you properly adapt to the keto diet.

Here’s how you can force your body into ketosis faster.

Consume No More Than 20g of Carbs Per Day

Keeping carbs low is vital to going into ketosis. The fewer carbs you have in your system, the faster you will enter ketosis.

Drink More Water

When it comes to losing weight, water is your best friend.

The more you drink, the better you will feel. Aim to drink a minimum of 100 ounces per day.

Purchase Ketosis Supplements

There are a variety of supplements designed to help you get into ketosis as quickly as possible.

Take these keto supplements and you will get the motivation you need to keep going with the keto diet.

Don’t Panic

Chances are you have heard of the keto flu.  Once you start the keto diet, there is a good chance you will experience it.

Some of the symptoms associated with the keto flu include extreme fatigue, irritability, and dizziness.

You will more than likely experience these symptoms during the first three days of the diet.

However, don’t give up. It is only temporary while your body adjusts to your new way of eating.

To help you cope, enjoy some delicious keto friendly foods.

Doing so will keep cravings under control.

Consume More Salt

This step is actually more important than you realize.

When you are following a low carb diet, your body doesn’t retain water like it normally would.

Because of this electrolytes such as sodium are quickly flushed out of your body.

To keep your body replenished, make an effort to consume more salt.

Preferably sea salt.

Don’t Allow Yourself To Get Hungry

Anytime you get hungry, you should immediately grab a bite to eat.

For best results make sure the meal consists of high fat and low carb foods.

Don’t over complicate your meals. Keep them quick and easy.

Eat Protein In Moderation

The keto diet is a low carb high fat diet. Not a high protein diet. Keep your protein portions moderate.

Embrace The Fat

Far too many people shy away from eating fat. Fat is not the enemy. Its actually good for you.

The key is to make sure you are eating the right type of fat.

Stay away from trans fat and focus more on monounsaturated fats.

Monounsaturated fats include foods such as avocados, nuts, and oils such as olive oil.


Getting into ketosis is a vital part of benefiting from the keto diet. And the good news is its not as difficult as you may think.

Follow the tips I have shared above and you will be able to achieve ketosis faster than you thought possible.

Always remember to be flexible.

Don’t be so strict with your diet that you don’t enjoy it.

Here are a few delicious low carb breakfasts you can try to get the ball rolling.


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